Laws, Rules, and Surcharges

The laws and rules regarding 911 in New Hampshire.

The laws governing 911 in New Hampshire are contained within NH RSA 106-H. In New Hampshire, as outlined within RSA 106H indicate that 911 call records are not a matter of public record and are exempt from RSA 91-A "The Right to Know Law". The Division of Emergency Services and Communications is unable to release any records pursuant to 106-H:14 – Information Not Subject to Right-to-Know Law.

The Department of Safety rules governing 911 Prepaid Commercial Mobile Radio Service Surcharge are contained in Saf-C 7002.04 through Saf-C 7007.14.

The Prepaid Commercial Mobile Radio Service Surcharge Rules were adopted by the Commissioner of Safety on December 29, 2015, and became effective on January 1, 2016. The rules are still subject to a final proofreading process that could result in non-substantive changes. The rules will be published on the Office of Legislative Services website once the proofreading process is complete.

For information on how to fill out the prepaid forms, please reach out to the Division's Bureau of Administration at or by phone 603-271-6911.

Pre-Paid Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) Forms and Certificate

Surcharge Forms