Radio Communications Maintenance

Information about the Bureau of Radio Communications Maintenance

frozen radio tower on Mount Washington in 1938

The Radio Communications Maintenance Bureau is responsible for the installation, repair, and operation of the Department of Safety's radio communications assets. This is inclusive of the New Hampshire State Police Radio System, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) Microwave System, Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant (PSIC) Microwave System, and the New Hampshire Emergency Alert System. In addition, Radio Communications Maintenance supports the New Hampshire Fish and Game Radio System, as well as provides technical expertise to county and local dispatch centers and individual municipalities and assists with providing interoperable communications throughout the state. Radio Communications Maintenance staff is also tasked with the installation, maintenance, and repair of Department of Safety vehicle warning systems such as lights, sirens, radar, and portable/mobile radios. Staff members participate in statewide and regional communications planning groups in support of the mission of the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC).

The Radio Communications Maintenance Bureau is a dynamic team of individuals who have experience in communications facility construction and maintenance, tower climbing, Motorola factory training, automotive/DC wiring, electronics, radio frequency theory/design/engineering, and information technology (IT). The team is committed to excellence, safety, and ensuring the systems under our responsibility are working to their full capacity for the safety of the public and those we serve.

The Radio Communications Maintenance Shop can be reached at 603-271-2421.

group of radio employees at the summit of Mount Washingtonthree men working in radio communications truckthree men posing for picture at the top of mountainradio maintenance vehicles deployed at eventman climbing radio tower