Information regarding the DESC Bureau of Administration.

The Bureau of Administration plays a pivotal role in supporting the Division's overarching mission to provide swift and effective emergency services across New Hampshire. Our dedicated team oversees vital business functions, ensuring the seamless operation of the state's Emergency Number System.

Business Functions Management: The Bureau is responsible for managing the business functions of the Division. This includes overseeing various aspects related to the operational and administrative side of emergency services and communications.

Financial Management: The Bureau serves as the authorizing agent for the division, playing a key role in financial management. This involves budgeting, accounting, and financial planning to ensure the Division operates within its allocated resources.

Purchasing and Logistics: The Bureau handles the procurement process, including purchasing goods and services necessary for the Division's operations. Additionally, it manages logistics, ensuring that resources are effectively distributed and utilized.

911 Surcharge Auditing: The Bureau employs an Agency Staff Auditor to ensure compliance with New Hampshire's 911 surcharge regulations. As a self-funded agency, this vital funding mechanism supports New Hampshire's state-of-the-art Enhanced 911 System, which provides instant access to police, fire, and emergency medical assistance statewide.

Fleet Management: The Bureau of responsible for managing, maintaining, and coordinating the use of vehicles, ensuring they are in good working condition and available when needed for emergency response activities.

Public Outreach & Education: The Bureau's Public Information Office is responsible for the Division's community outreach and education efforts. These initiatives raise awareness about the resources available in an emergency, educate the public on safety measures, and foster communication between the Division and the community.


110 Smokey Bear Blvd
DESC Bureau of Administration 
Concord, NH 03305
Phone: 603-271-6911
Fax: 603-271-6609