Data Operations

Information about the Data Operations Section.

The Bureau of Technology Services, Data Operations Section consists of the Database Unit, Mapping Unit, and Community Relations Unit. The Data Operations Section interacts with numerous towns each month to assist with the mapping and addressing process. Utilizing global positioning systems our personnel collect and verify address and location data for use in creating maps. Our cartographers create and maintain detailed maps which assist towns in developing addressing schemes conforming to National Emergency Number Association (NENA) standards. This information is primarily used to accurately display addressing information when a call comes in to 911.

New Hampshire 911 Data Status Map

The New Hampshire 911 Data Status Map displays the progress of the Data Operations Section's work on updating the entire state to our current Enhanced NH 911 Standard. Municipalities collected prior to the Enhanced standard are considered Legacy standard. Mapping data for Legacy Standard municipalities does not contain Multi-unit residence and business data, driveway collections, or structure-specific placement of address points. Municipal mapping status are broken into four categories:

Status Definitions

  1. Verification Required – Data Operations has not collected structures, driveways, etc.
  2. Legacy Mapping Standard – Municipal-verified address points exist but the data set does not include Multi- unit structures, driveways, and/or address points placed on the structure.
  3. NH 911 Standard – Data Operations has updated the municipality's multi-units (residence and business) and other items from the Legacy Standard. This is our current standard within Data Operations
  4. In-Development – Data Operations is currently working on collecting, reviewing, and updating the municipality to NH 911 Standards.

New Hampshire 911 Maintenance Map

The New Hampshire 911 Maintenance Map displays the process of updating the mapping data to reflect new construction. Each municipality is responsible for notifying Data Operations when a new street or addressable structure is approved, built, or demolished. Each dot on this map represents a new street or new addressable structure that was added to the mapping dataset. Additionally, each municipality is shaded to show the level of maintenance requests submitted to Data Operations.

Data Operations FAQs
  • Why did my address change?

    Many residents of the state have undergone addressing changes resulting in a change of street name, street number, or both. In supporting the goal of a quick, efficient, and safe response to emergency scenes, NENA addressing guidelines recommend the elimination of vague or like-sound addressing. A town having a "Forest Ridge Road" and a "Forest Bridge Road" could result in confusion to callers, telecommunicators, dispatchers, or even the responding emergency units. An Addressing Standards Guide written by DESC staff further enhances and supports the NENA guidelines.

  • Why isn't my address showing up correctly in mapping software?

    When you have a newly assigned address or it has been changed to conform to NENA Addressing Standards, the changes are not immediately available for viewing on web-based mapping sites. However, you can submit an update or change on the following link:

    Questions regarding address changes or the mapping process in general may be directed to Matthew White, Data Operations Manager, at 603-527-2069 or

  • How can I contact the Data Operations Section?

    The Data Operations Section can be reached by dialing 603-527-2069, option 4.

  • Where can I access the E911 Data Operations liaison form?

    Click here to access the E911 Data Operations Liaison Form


A State map depicting the four districts for Field Reps

Data Operations Field Representative Contact Information by town/city

District 1

Casey Gordon
Office: 603-527-9518
Cell: 603-856-5093

District 2

Zachary Branscom
Office: 603-223-4340
Cell: 603-856-5384

District 3

Kenny-Lynn Dempsey
Office: 603-527-9579
Cell: 603-856-5379

District 4

Kelly Teeter
Office: 603-527-9580
Cell: 603-856-5400