911 Record Requests

Information about obtaining 911 records.

The New Hampshire Division of Emergency Services and Communications cannot produce 911 records as they are confidential and therefore privileged by the applicable statute (RSA 106-H), unless they fall under one of the exceptions outlined in paragraphs I and II, pursuant to RSA 106-H:14:

RSA 106-H:14 Information Not Subject to Right-to-Know Law. – Any information or records compiled under this chapter shall not be considered a public record for the purposes of RSA 91-A regardless of the use of such information under paragraph I or II. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the bureau shall only make information or records compiled under this chapter available as follows:

I. On a case-by-case basis to a law enforcement agency that requires the information or records for investigative purposes; and

II. To the department of environmental services solely for the purpose of estimating the location of wells subject to RSA 482-B. Information shared with the department of environmental services under this provision shall be limited to geographic information systems data that will aid in locating such wells. The department of environmental services shall not release such shared data under RSA 91-A.

Source. 1992, 165:1. 2006, 137:2. 2007, 89:2, eff. Dec. 8, 2007.

Law enforcement agencies shall complete the DESC Record Request Form and email it to desc.recordrequest@dos.nh.gov for review and processing.

911 call recordings shall be retained for 6 months; after this time period, they are automatically purged from the system. Read the Department of Safety, Emergency Communications Rules.