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Posted: December 22, 2023


Patrick M. Cavanaugh, Public Information Officer
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Genasys Selected As New Emergency Notification System

Residents and visitors should download Genasys Protect mobile app to receive emergency information

CONCORD, New Hampshire – The New Hampshire Department of Safety’s Division of Emergency Services and Communications (DESC), who manages statewide emergency messaging, announces it will replace its emergency notification system with Genasys, effective January 01, 2024.

In conjunction with the Division of New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM), the Division of Emergency Services and Communications utilizes the statewide emergency notification system to efficiently broadcast statewide or location-based critical public safety messaging and weather-related alerts. These same capabilities can be utilized by authorized officials from New Hampshire municipalities, giving each city or town the ability to deliver actionable information into their community.

“Establishing this partnership with Genasys is an investment into the safety of the residents and visitors of New Hampshire” said Mark E. Doyle, Director of the New Hampshire Division of Emergency Services and Communications. “The ability to deliver statewide and localized emergency messaging at a moment’s notice means our communities can be better informed and prepared during crisis.”

The Genasys platform allows public safety officials to quickly deliver emergency and non-emergency notifications through a variety of methods, including phone calls, e-mails, and text messages. The Genasys Protect mobile app offers added value, with a map view and location-based notifications to keep you aware of public safety alerts happening around you. The app is a great tool for those not registered with NH Alerts, as you will still receive broadcasted messages through Genasys Protect.

Residents and visitors who were enrolled to receive alerts by email, text message or on a cellphone or landline in our legacy system, CodeRED, before September 26, 2023, will automatically be added into the new system. Individuals who have not signed up yet or would like to update their information can go to to enroll in the free NH Alerts emergency notification system. In addition, individuals who use the NH Alerts app will need to download the free Genasys Protect smartphone app to continue to receive alerts after January 1.

“NH Alerts continues to be a great free way to receive local notifications, including weather, community and emergency alerts,” said HSEM Director Robert Buxton. “Do your part to stay informed and keep you and your family safe by signing up for NH Alerts and downloading the free Genasys Protect app.”

For more information, New Hampshire residents and visitors are encouraged to contact the Division of Emergency Services and Communications by email or call 603-271-6911, option 1.


About the Division of Emergency Services and Communications

The mission of the Division of Emergency Services and Communications is “To locate, communicate and connect people in an emergency with the help they need.” The Division operates New Hampshire's 911 Emergency Number System, along with affiliated mapping, database operations, technical, and administrative roles, and the Bureaus of Radio Communications Maintenance and Interoperability. The Division provides instant access to police, fire and emergency medical assistance from any wired, cellular or VoIP telephone in the State. The New Hampshire 911 System provides a nationally accredited, state-of-the-art emergency service response to residents and visitors all over the State of New Hampshire.

About NH HSEM:

NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) provides a coordinated, integrated program for state-wide emergency management and homeland security, including coordination of the state response to emergencies, strategic and operational all-hazards planning; community preparedness; exercise and training; and grants planning and program management.  HSEM is a division within the NH Department of Safety and is the state-level equivalent of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Follow NH HSEM on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  To learn more about NH Alerts and other preparedness tools, visit